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Phaco Training: Washing Hands and Feet

It is very easy to forget the importance of simple basic hygiene and cleaning of body parts in this world of rapid technological advances and advent of newer machines almost on the daily basis. Here is a short video that explains the basics of personal hygiene for all the personnels involved in operating theater.  

Phaco Training: Miracle Surgery

This is a kind of surgery which perhaps in all probability most of us will never ever perform. Yet it is a visual delight that should inspire us to rise to new heights. It is a must watch for all cataract surgeons:

Phaco Training: Constructing a Fish Hook

I am not particularly a big fan of the fish hook technique that was largely developed by Dr. Albert Hennig in Lahan, Nepal. I am trained to use irrigating vectis and I still am comfortable with that. But in case some of would like to try to it, here is a short video on how… Read More »

Phaco Training: Draping of the Eye

Great surgeons take utmost care of even the smallest of the details. It starts right from the slit lamp examination. In the OT, the first step is draping of the eye. Poor draping is not only unsafe in the sense that it can lead to post op infections but can also lead to great discomfort… Read More »

Phaco Training: PC Rent while Forceful Hydrodissecting

This is a must watch video for all cataract surgeons. Here the operating surgeon’s greatness lies in recording his own complication and discussing the management. It is fascinating to see how this master-class surgeon has detected the complication so early, almost the instant it happened. Note the subtle pupil snap sign so beautifully shown in… Read More »

Phaco Training: Small Pupil Rhexis

Today I wish to share this wonderful surgical video performed by Dr. Prathmesh Mehta. Watch is closely with attention. First appreciate the fine tissue handling and even when pupil is stretched, how delicately it is done. This is followed by the most elegantly performed  capsulorhexis using Utrata forceps. Note how the big nucleus is prolapsed… Read More »