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Phaco Training: Cleaning of Optical Lenses

What is The best method to clean dust/fibre/gel from optical lenses such as 20D, 90D, laser lenses etc so that it does not get scratched? Is it safe to rinse lenses under running water to wash of the gel an then wipe them? Similarly what is the best method to clean lenses on microscopes/FFA machines/… Read More »

Phaco Training: Pupil-Dilating Device

I loved this award winning video/paper at the ASCRS 2014 held in Boston  This is a new pupil stretching device devised by Dr. Suven Bhattacharjee of Nayan Eye Associates. You can watch it on YouTube here: or even better, on here with the interview with Dr. Steven D. Vold: My folks after a… Read More »

Phaco Training: Avastin for NVG

Somebody posed this interesting question: Just wanted to know if anyone is using avastin in Neovascular glaucoma- intravitreal/intracameral. any advantage of intracameral  over  intravitreal ( ofcourse coupled with PRP)? any specific precaution to be taken while giving intracameral in this situation? The responses were varied and interesting from leading practicing eye doctors in India: 1.… Read More »

SEE Eye Camp with Dr. Schneider

Miss Kimberley Burgess with patients at Anjali Eye Centre Dr. Mark Schneider with patients at the Anjali Eye Centre. Dr. Mark Schneider and his assistant Miss Kimberley Burgess attended a surgical camp organised by Dr. Sanjay Gupta from Feb 16 to Feb 19, 2009. Dr. Schneider brought surgical disposables from SEE along with him. 68… Read More »