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Phaco Training: Cleaning of Optical Lenses

What is The best method to clean dust/fibre/gel from optical lenses such as 20D, 90D, laser lenses etc so that it does not get scratched? Is it safe to rinse lenses under running water to wash of the gel an then wipe them? Similarly what is the best method to clean lenses on microscopes/FFA machines/… Read More »

Phaco Training: Instruments, cleaning and sterilization

It is extremely important to us surgeons, specially those in private practice, to have a very good knowledge about microbiology, structure of an operating theater,   ways of maintaining it, techniques of autoclaving  and cleaning of instruments. I am going to publish on my website series of power point presentations which were presented at this… Read More »

Phaco Training: Cryo/laser for RD prophylaxis

Question. I have recently heard a talk by Dr GW Aylward on the role of laser/cryo for prophylaxis of RD. According to him, in Moorfields they use laser only for HST with AP traction. They prefer and advice such prophylaxis for no other condition and his views on stickers prophylaxis are clear. He says that… Read More »

Phaco Training: Vaso-Vagal attacks during retinal lasers

Here I wish to discuss something uncommon, but very serious  retinal photocoagulation (PRP, focal and barrage) is generally a very safe procedure as it is non invasive   But many of us would have come across occasional cases of young people collapsing during the procedure Several retinal surgeons of India have given their opinion regarding… Read More »

Phaco Training: Publication in Translational Research

I never fail to emphasize that a doctor is also a scientist. He must have a questioning, skeptical mind and a clear, rational thinking. Experimentation and publication in peer-reviewed journals is critical to scientific progress. Got our work published in the Jan 2014 issue of the Indian Journal of Ophthalmology.        ORIGINAL ARTICLE Year :… Read More »

Phaco Training: 1. Dilate exam 2. Keratoplasty History

Dilate exam Question  The incidence of RD after cataract surgery is around 1%  ( ref:, while the incidence of retinal detachment after LASIK is around 0.25% ( Some studies quote an even lower rate for RD after LASIK Looking at these stats, will it be safe to assume that cataract surgery poses a similar… Read More »

Phaco Training : Adenoviral Conjunctivitis

Adenoviral conjunctivitis   Etiology: Epidemic keratoconjunctivitis (EKC) is one of the most common ocular viral infections caused by adenoviruses. Adenovirus family consists of different serotypes. Serotypes 8, 11 19 and 37 are held responsible for EKC and it is known that especially serotypes 8 and 19 cause epidemics [1,2]. Clinical Presentation: Disease presents itself after an… Read More »