Phaco Training: 7th RetNet 2015

By | December 2, 2015

The 7th RetNet meet had recently concluded

Many of the issues discussed have been beautifully summarized by Dr. Shanmugan and his team.

You can download the tips from the surgical session by clicking on the link below:

Surgical Session RETNET 2015

Some of the topics discussed here are:

1. Diabetic vitrectomy

2. Diabetic CRD

3. Management of clot

4. Bleeding over the disc

5. CHRRPE and associated secondary tractional EMM

6. PVD in RRD

7. Placing of buckle before initiation of vitrectomy

8. What to do in case of subretinal air or PFCL

9. Post traumatic closed funnel. Should we intervene?

10. Concomitant CD with RD. How to handle?

11. Radial retinotomy

12. Drainage retinotomy in TRD

13. Buckle Augmentation

14. Post buckle symblepharon