Phaco Training: How to plan for your OT

By | January 1, 2015

Like me, many of you would eventually like to start your own practice

Having  your own OT is both a thing of luxury  and pride, but comes with huge responsibility.

We personally become answerable and accountable for each and every surgery.

This on one hand can bring a surgeon great name and fame.

On the flip side, any complication for whatever the reason, mars the repute of the surgeon

I am uploading two power points presented at KSOC on Nov 8, 2014

The first power point raises a lot of questions and should make you think deep. Real deep.


The second power point tells how a modern ophthamlic OT should be





I must post this one as it is a classic.

Taken probably in 1982 when i am 10 years old. (behind my little brother who is not so little any more)

With us are our handsome and beautiful young parents.