Phaco Training: ISMSICS

By | August 7, 2012

International Society of Manual Small Incision cataract Surgery (ISMSICS)

Below is the link of the web site of the ISMSICS


speaking, I was quite surprised to know that there exists a society of surgeons who promote SICS.

I think it is very important that they do so

I come across lots of young ophthalmologists in India who are so lost from where to start their own practice.

Phaco and micro-phaco are wonderful leaps in the progress of ophthalmic medical science.

But their costs often gets prohibitive, not only for the patient but for a young and financially-struggling surgeon as well.

The skill acquisition is a time-consuming process.

One very smart way to start ones practise is to have a simple operating table and a good microscope.

With this much, one can start ones ophthalmic practice.

One can manage to do many surgical procedures with just this much, which includes SICS, trabeculectomy, pterygiums,

chalazions, lid, squint, lacrimal sac surgeries and many more.

Nd:YAG lasers are often available on rent. So Yag capsulotomy and Yag PI becomes simple and cheap.

As time goes by, one can intermittently take short term phaco training programs.

This way, transition to phaco will be economically very sensible and less financially stressful.



My own mini-surgical camps.


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