Phaco Training: OSSN Ocular Surface Squamous Neoplasia

By | November 3, 2016

I will just talk here the bare essentials.

Basic Anatomy

Muco-cutaneous junction = wet line

It stains (pools)

Grey line separates the two plates: tarsal (meibomian) and orbicularis (hair lashes)

Grey line has surgical relevance.

MCJ has significance for diagnosis of dry eyes and ocular surface disorder

Scleral contact lenses is a good option for dry eyes


Interferon alpha 2 (best), MMC (rule of 4) and 5-FU 1% for ocular surface neoplasia.

Histopathology is a must.

Ossn start interferon alpha 2 b 1 million units/ ml 4 times per day

Chemoreduction and then debulking..Intas pharma sells under brand name of Intalpha


Pterygium with CAG

Have been doing pterygiums without glue or suture or serum since a year almost. You dont need to really use autologous serum. When you cauterise the bare sclera make sure you only do light cautery of the abnormal corkscrew vessels leaving the normal small bld vessels intact. The trick is to not leave any fluid under the graft hence ironing is required and lots of patience. The blood and serum oozing from the bld vessels of the bed is enough for the graft to stick. Also make sure edges are tucked under the conjunctival rim. I Patch for a week.

Amniotic membrane grafting AMG can be done by almost any ophthalmologist.

Can be procured at Bachooali Eye Hospital