Phaco Training: Phacosection

By | March 3, 2017

Phacosection may be a new term for many ophthalmologists.

It is a technique that was devised by Indian SICS surgeons, one of the great propagators of which is Dr. M. S. Ravindra

This technique is a type of nucleofractis that is done purely mechanically using a solid wire vectis in left hand and a chopper like instrument in the right hand.

Inserting the solid wire vectis is also an art.

Since the nucleus is biconvex, your movement should be in conformity with this.

Otherwise you may be hitting the bulge of the nucleus with wire vectis, and the nucleus will move downwards.

You must try to ensure that the nucleus does not move at all when you are inserting the wire vectis.

Make sure the vectis has not gone below the inferior iris.

The shiny vectis is visible through all types of nuclei.