SICS – A Step Towards Phaco Training. Part 7.

By | June 1, 2012

SICS Vs Phaco

Below is the link to the power point comparing the 2 techniques of cataract surgeries

sics vs. phaco

Let me put things very clearly for beginners.

Phaco is indeed a great technique, of that there is no doubt. Specially in terms of lower post-op astigmatism. But it has a long learning-curve and the tools are indeed expensive.

But SICS is even more amazing for the cost incurred in performing it.

Moreover, if you can master operating temporally, then you can take care of pre-existing ATR astigmatism.


Continuing my humanitarian work, I operated these 5 patients at no monetary cost on May 18, 2012.

All had Alcon foldable IOL implanted in their eyes.