SICS- Step Towards Phaco Training. Part 1.

By | August 29, 2011

SICS Small Incision Cataract Surgery is a well established, extremely beautiful and low-cost cataract extraction technique which can give the benefits of a phacoemulsification to thousands of people. Dr. Navin Gupta

was trained at Aravind Eye Hospital, Madurai, India in this technique. He has performed over 2000 cataract surgeries using SICS technique. Probably the only thing unaesthetic about it is that bit of extra conjunctival and Tenons dissection done before the Tunnel construction.

Advantages over ECCE:

1. No sutures. Uses a self-sealing 3-planar sclero-corneal tunnel.

2. Use of capsulorhexis instead of can-openers technique which allows placement of IOL in the bag.

3. Hydro dissection which greatly facilitates cortical wash besides the nucleus prolapse.

4. It greatly facilitates the transition of a novice surgeon from Extra-Cap technique to Phacoemulsification.

Advantages over phaco:

1. Low cost

2. Non-dependence on machine.

3. Shorter learning curve from ECCE as compared to phaco.

4. Easy to perform on difficult cases like hard cataracts, mature cataracts.

5. In case of failed rhexis, can still be proceeded using can-openers technique.

6. In case of poor wound construction, can be easily converted to ECCE.

SICS consists of following steps:

1. Tunnel Construction

2. Capsulorhexis

3. Hydrodissection and hydrodelineation

4. Nucleus Prolapse into the AC

5. Nucleus Extraction

6. Cortical Wash

7. IOL implantation

Each step will be discussed in detail through the modality of power point.

You are encouraged to download the power point and go over it carefully at your leisure.

Below is the first power point on Tunnel Construction.

Please click on the link Tunnel Construction below to download or view the presentation.

Tunnel Construction


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