Phaco Trainee

By | July 30, 2009

observe the close interaction between the master and the disciple

We try to offer the very best .whether its giving hands-on training, hospitality or treatment.
We strive to offer full satisfaction  to  our trainees and patients. Our trainees  feel extremely content with our personal  touch.
The trainee from Afghanisthan  is observing the surgery at close quarters plus he watches the magnified view of the microscope on the video monitor on the wall.
Of course, we spend a lot of time and money on maintainance of all our equipments.

The Trainee is given free hands after few cases with a trained nurse to assist him

The trainee here now is getting a free hand with a trained nurse at his disposal


This young surgeon from Afghaisthan is extremely pleased and satisfied with our training and the hospitality.
He intends to set up phaco unit in his native place.