Phaco Training: Surgical correction of Aphakia

By | October 2, 2013

Following are the options along with attached article:

surgical-correction-aphakia    (Uploaded article)

1. Scleral-Fixated IOL

scleral-fixated-iol          (Uploaded article)


3. Anterior iris-clip IOL

anterior-iris-claw-lens        (Uploaded article)

4. Posterior iris-clip IOL

retropupillar-iris-claw-lens      (Uploaded article)

5. Glued IOL


after having tried Glued IOL and Scleral fixated IOL

in my hands i find iris clip IOLs to be easier and safer to do. The manipulations we need to make is much less.

about two years ago someone did a review of literature it was interesting to note that  iris clip lens seen to do better than scleral fixated lens. Glued IOL was just then introduced. even the recent 2 yr results from the Agarwal team which introduced the Glued IOL tech have not fared  extremely better than scleral fixated IOLs in general.

our experience with posterior iris clip lens has been very satisfactory (3-4 yrs follow up).

may be we need to revisit the Iris clip lens seriously and keep an open mind on this lens as most of us have preconceived notions on this.

museum 1

Me in Winter of Russia 1991 at Marshall Chuikova street (Tanks used in the Battle of Stalingrad) 

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Volgograd State Panoramic Museum (me in Russia of summer 1992)


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