Phaco Training: Vitritis is India

By | June 3, 2016

Vitritis is a fairly common condition and is the most consistent sign of intermediate uveitis.

The term pars planitis is used when intermediate uveitis is idiopathic in nature.



Vitritis could be due to infectious or non-infectious
etiologies. Certain non –uveitis conditions might
present as vitritis and mimick chronic uveitis.These
are termed as ‘masquerade syndromes’.
Infectious causes
1. Tuberculosis
2. Syphilis
3. Toxoplasmosis
4. Toxocariasis
5. Lyme disease
6. Endogenous endophthalmitis
7. Parasitic infestations e.g.,cysticercosis
Non-infectious causes
1. Sarcoidosis
2. Behcet’s disease
3. Multiple sclerosis
4. Inflammatory bowel disease
5. Fuch’s heterochromic uveitis
6. Collagen vascular disease
7. Eales’ disease
Masquerade syndromes
1. CNS lymphoma
2. Other tumors e.g., Retinoblastoma, malignant
melanoma, medullloepithelioma
3. Metastasis from breast, lung or renal carcinomas
into the eye
4. Paraneoplastic syndromes