SICS – A Step Towards Phaco Training. Part 6.

By | May 1, 2012

SICS is a far safer option than phaco.

But a good surgeon must be prepared for the complications that may happen.

We will deal with complications occurring in each step of the surgery.

And then some of the early and late post-op complications.

This power point was prepared by Dr. Haripriya Aravind, one of the greatest cataract surgeons currently living on this planet.


Dr. Haripriya Aravind is the Chief of Cataract Department at Aravind Eye Hospital, Madurai.


April 28, 2012. I still try to maintain and practice the Aravind style of high-volume surgeries by doing once-a-week free charitable surgeries. I hope some day I will also be able to practice medical retina when I will possess a good fundus camera and green laser. This will help to put into use my skills and knowledge acquired under Dr. Baruch Kuppermann  at the University of California, Irvine.